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       National Issues 

                               That Matter

List of Reforms 

    • Education
    • Taxes
    • 2nd Amendment
    • Environment 
    • Health Care
    • Military


As a former public school educator, I know firsthand the need for reformation. I stand for having a maximum class size and a state-written curriculum. I believe teachers perform best when their time is valued and protected. I will advocate for increasing teacher salaries and protecting planning, lunch, and end of work day times. I believe in securing maternity and paternity leave for new parents, both biological and adoptive.

Did you know South Carolina is ranked 22nd in terms of the education fund spending? As a former educator, I am saddened by the number of state-mandated resources, such as workbooks, that are of little value to teachers, and ultimately end up in the trash. Because of this, I stand for the fiscal management of resources.

I believe our high school students need to be better prepared for life, which is why I will advocate for courses such as budgeting, navigating healthcare, and professionalism. I believe junior year students should be encouraged to declare a college or trade path and be supported in taking the next steps to pursue their aspirations.

I aspire for all students to pursue their education to the highest degree desired. I support technical and trade schools and believe they are a valuable option for our youth. State and local institutions are vital to the future of education, and therefore must be made affordable. I stand for a hold to stop rising tuition.



I am in support of lower taxes. I believe in addition by subtraction. The only way to safeguard our taxes is by removing a tax of equal or greater value, before instituting a new one.

The deregulation of our business will help stimulate our economy. The more money our businesses can keep by paying less in taxes, the more they can reinvest into their employees and expanding operations. Both of which promote a healthy and growing economy.

This has proven to be true by the recent tax cuts by President Trump. I believe the more money in our citizens pockets, the more funds can be redistributed through shopping, sales tax, vacations, etc..

Moving money, makes money!


I fully support the Second Amendment. Citizens have the right to own a gun. The more gun control laws you have, the more rights you are taken away from your citizens. Guns are used for self-protection and to create security in one’s own home. Limiting gun laws will not prevent the negative actions of people who will obtain guns illegally. Criminals and those who exhibit poor-judgement will always find a way to obtain them.

Instead, limiting gun laws will remove the right to feel safe and secure from law-abiding citizens. This is proven in many cities around the country. Look at places with the strictest guns laws – New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These areas have the highest crimes rates in the US. Chicago and New York lead the way in homicides.

Japanese World War II veteran, Admiral Osoroku Yamamoto, once said, “You cannot invade the main land United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” We must never lose sight of our right to protect ourselves and this great nation.


As a citizen of the Lowcountry, I couldn’t be more passionate about the protection our coastal waterways. I feel paper products need to be used in exclusivity by restaurants and merchants closest to the ocean.

Ultimately, biodegradable Styrofoam/plastic can be used to replace all products. To prevent the potentially crippling costs involved in the replacement process, I would push for companies to compete in a free market for our business. Protecting the planet doesn’t need to come at a premium- we want the lowest price possible.

I am in direct opposition of off-shore drilling. The fact is that we have enough oil on US soil to last us 250+ years- drilling is just not necessary and would be an extreme detriment to our oceanic ecosystem. I stand for being proactive by way of strict building codes for places in close proximity to marshes and coasts.


I am against Universal Health Care and will work to fully repeal Obama Care. I believe the government had no place in funding our health care. I feel we need to put a cap on the price of medically necessary prescriptions such as insulin and some birth controls.

We need to wage a war on the price of opioids, and limit their accessibility to end the epidemic. Marijuana should be allowed for medical purposes, not for recreational use, and must be regulated by the FDA. Healthcare would thrive as a free enterprise. Competition among insurance providers in an open market would drive prices down, making medical care more affordable for all.



I fully support our military and believe we need to take better care of our  veterans. VA needs to be revamped with easily accessible and timely  health care, both physical and mental. If the wait in the VA is too long for  medical needs, veterans should have the opportunity to use a different  doctor and maintain the benefit of the VA still paying for their care.

We need to invest in setting up pathways for veterans to renter the  workforce when ready. The VA homeless rate due to heath and job  statues is unacceptable in the USA. The freedoms we have are owed to  these people. Assistance in securing affordable housing is a must.

I stand for the investment in technology and training, as well as  compensation for those who serve our country. Every Job in the military  is crucial to operations and our freedoms in the great country we call  home.

I do not believe we need to be world’s body guard. Yes, we should  support our Allies to protect the stability of the world, but it shouldn’t be   completely on our dime. Balance is the key.

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