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Meet Logan Cunningham

I Would Love To Meet You 

Logan has been a resident of the Low Country for nearly twenty years. Growing up, he pursued many interests. He has always been passionate about trying new things. Logan began to invest his time in middle and high school in the Beta and Key clubs as well as a Mock Trial Club, on top of excelling in football.

After losing his mother at 15 years old, Logan’s step-father became a huge influence in his life. He owned an audiology practice on Hilton Head Island, where he showed Logan what it took to become independent and instilled the value of hard work in him. His determined and understanding spirit led Logan to Christ, which would then become a driving force in his life.

In 2012, Logan graduated Hilton Head Christian Academy and went on to attend College at the University of South Carolina Beaufort to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. During college, Logan’s interest in politics was reignited by the announcement of Trump’s candidacy. Logan knew that education was one of the ways he could begin to make a difference in not only in the lives of children, but also his peers. He became passionate about helping the youth, with both academics and conquering life’s obstacles.

After studying Trump’s policies, Logan became eager to learn more about what Trump wanted to do for this nation. This led him to the realization that he could have a greater impact outside of the classroom. In 2018, Logan launched his Twitter page to share his passion for politics with the world. Logan began to consider education reform and Constitutional rights.

He attended many rallies during Trump’s campaign and had the opportunity to meet Trump, as President, at a rally during the summer of 2018.

In 2018, he married his wife, Rachael and was led to a career change. After being in the classroom for three years, he realized he could have a greater impact on education as a politician, lobbying to fix flaws in the system that he witnessed firsthand. Logan began to research, pray, and wait patiently on answers.

He is not afraid of what challenges, obstacles or new situations may come from a career change such as this. Instead he has been filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and faith. Logan’s reforms include Education, Growth Management and Transparency.

Logan believes in Issues That Matter! 

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